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Kryptek History

The concepts that spawn our products are forged in combat.

From the mountains of Afghanistan through the desert plains of Iraq and on to places known only by a distinguished few, the employment of Combat Forces has never spanned environments so vast, varied, or punishing.

Created from battlefield necessity, innovative technologies, equipment and apparel have emerged. Kryptek Outdoor Group’s concept designers draw their knowledge of what works through actual combat experience. The idea of incorporating proven tactical gear concepts and evolving this technology into the hunting and outdoor adventure markets is the driving force behind what we do.  


The concept of Kryptek is driven by passion.

The principals of Kryptek have an overwhelming desire to do what no other organization has done before– provide customized and performance-based apparel that is specifically tailored to the environment, meets or exceeds the performance expectations of the user, and consistently delivers required comfort, function, and durability.

Through extensive field testing and customer feedback, Kryptek continually adapts and integrates product features that will exceed our customers’ needs for overall performance. The Kryptek Outdoor Group founders retain connections to the military to fuse their combat experience with their love for the outdoors. We believe that combat technology should not be limited to the battlefield.  


The military organizations that Kryptek draws feedback from depend on their apparel.

Their clothing systems are the critical component of their combat gear. It can mean the difference between victory or defeat, or sometimes life and death. Kryptek innovations and technologies are derived from people who know the difference between mere clothing and actual gear. These customers ultimately set the bar for performance requirements.  


Our nation’s elite warriors are the ultra-pro-staff of Kryptek.

These heroes drive new concepts and products. These operators are the primary test bed for Kryptek’s research and development. Kryptek’s critical connections to these organizations are the lifeblood of the company, and what separates Kryptek from the competition.