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Combat [v. kuh m-bat, kom-bat, kuhm-; n. kom-bat, kuhm-]


Military . active, armed fighting with enemy forces. a fight, struggle, or controversy, as between two persons, teams, or ideas.

broth·er·hood [bruhth -er-hoo d]


  1. the condition or quality of being a brother or brothers.
  2. the quality of being brotherly; fellowship.
  3. a fraternal or trade organization.
  4. all those engaged in a particular trade or profession or sharing a common interest or quality.

The founders of Kryptek share a brotherhood that could only be forged in combat. In the deserts of third-world countries, through the crucible of physical conflict with the enemy, the founders found themselves fighting our nation’s battles and a part of a culture where results were not only demanded, but meant the difference between success or failure, victory or defeat, and most importantly, life or death. The experience of combat has been one of the most exploited occurrences in the history of mankind.

The emotion of combat takes many forms, one of the strongest of which has to be the relationship it can, and often does, generate. Hardship comes in many forms when our nation’s soldiers are called to war. Things are often taken for granted become luxuries. Examples include; drinking water out of the tap, sitting on a porcelain toilet, attending a school play, tucking your children in at night, and more often than not, spending time hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors.

Throughout their military careers, the founders of Kryptek have sacrificed more family activities, important milestones, events, and hunting seasons than they care to recall. Family time and activities have become much more cherished, almost sacred, and time spent in the outdoors, a precious gift. The Kryptek founder's experiences are not necessarily unique. They are shared by many who have chosen the lifestyle of a professional warrior, or soldier.

The brotherhood is actually vast. What is unique, however, is the fusing of combat experiences with their passion for the outdoors, and bringing to market a product that represents this. Knowing that when the opportunity does present itself, regardless of the elements, it must be seized, and there can be no compromises with one’s “kit”, or gear….Such is Kryptek. While serving together, in the Ninewa Providence in Northern Iraq, the Kryptek founders, discovered they shared a common thread…an unprecedented passion and desire for extreme big game hunting, especially in austere environments.

The type of hunting where one pushes himself both physically and mentally. They shared a common mentality and philosophical attitude about the pursuit of big game. Their success on the battlefield was directly related to this mentality. The same principles applied. Skill sets necessary in combat are often applicable to the hunter. This is where that Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn began their journey in what would result in the Kryptek Outdoor Group.

Even though it is a privilege, and honor, to serve our nation through the military, there are struggles. Bitterness often weaves its way into a deployed soldiers mind. Time away from family is always one of these mood killers that will creep in the shadows, ready to pounce on its victim when not occupied with mission accomplishment. In addition to the standard hardships, the founders of Kryptek had a deep bitterness they held against the enemy.

It was not enough that the enemy threatened the American way of life and treasured freedoms, but because of their vulgar goals, yet again, another cherished hunting season would be missed. The men who developed Kryptek often found themselves living vicariously through close hunting buddies that were stateside, hunting videos, and magazines.

They were also consumed with re-living their past hunting adventures, the challenges, successes, and failures, and constantly inserting the proverbial, “If I had done this…,” or, “If I had this….” These storytelling sessions and re-enactments turned into brainstorming sessions and idea huddles, all with the end-state that someday, maybe, their passion for hunting and the outdoors could be turned into a sustainable business model, and ultimately provide means to do something they loved while still providing for their families.

The goal was to take experience and obsession and create a means to be a key player in the outdoor industry. So, who are the founders of Kryptek? Hardcore outdoorsmen who love God, their families, our Nation, and the adventure of adrenaline-producing pursuits…They have a complete and utter respect for our Nations military. Kryptek feels that it is often useful to know the story behind a product. At the end of the day, we at Kryptek, are hopeful that those who have read this will somehow be inspired to enjoy the moment, where ever it is. To remember those that won’t be on the mountain or in the tree stand opening morning, or any morning, this season, because they are called to duty on the other side of the world fighting our nation’s battles. Ultimately, Kryptek hopes that you do not take anything for granted…Especially moments with family, friends, or God’s great outdoors.